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Help & Info about Need for Speed: Most Wanted for windows

  • Is this the full game or some sort of free trial?

    The Need for Speed: Most Wanted download is a demo. This means that it is not a free trial, you will never have to pay for this demo game and its use doesn't expire after a set amount of time. However, as a demo, it will only feature part of the game. Some find out the gaming elements, such as game progression, different cars, and most locations, are locked until you buy the full game.
  • Why cant I access all of the tracks and cars?

    The demo only shows you a small number of cars and areas (tracks). In the full game, these may also be locked, but you are able to earn/achieve/find and unlock them. However, in the Need for Speed: Most Wanted demo game these elements are permanently locked and unplayable.
  • Will this demo work with windows 10?

    Most people will be able to play this demo on their Windows 10 operating system, and most computers will automatically adjust so that the game plays. If the Need for Speed: Most Wanted demo doesn't work, you may use compatibility mode on your computer to make it work.
  • Do I need 512mb of virtual RAM?

    If you run a “Will this software run on my computer” test, it may say you need 523mb of virtual memory. The game should run fine even if it seems that your computer has less virtual memory than is required. If your computer has more than 2GB of regular RAM, then you should be fine.
  • Is this an official demo or a pirated copy?

    This is an official demo release and not a piece of cracked software that people use to pass pirates around. It is perfectly legal to own this demo game.
  • Will it work with my Intel graphics card?

    The demo runs fine. You may have to lower your graphics settings if the game becomes jittery when you play the full game.
  • If the demo works, does that mean the full game will work on my computer?

    No it does not. The developers kept all the graphics and settings in the demo, but the full game requires more RAM and processing power. However, if the demo works on your computer, then it is highly likely that the full game will work too.
  • Why isn't the demo an open world game if the full game is?

    The developers had to find a way of creating a demo with a smaller memory requirement, so they only included a small section of location in which you play the game.
  • Are there still servers available for the multiplayer games?

    You are unable to play the multiplayer games with this demo. On the full game, most of the multiplayer servers have been shut down since there are too few people playing the game.
  • How does it differ from the games Driver and Driver 2?

    The game is very similar to the Driver series, but there is a harder focus on fast-paced action, and there are more ways to avoid/evade the police in Need for Speed: Most Wanted. Plus, the graphics, feel, and style of the Need For Speed franchise is present in this game, which is obviously not present in the Driver games because the Driver games have their own style.


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